Which IT Support Fits Your Business Best? On-Site vs Remote (Pros & Cons)

Which IT Support Fits Your Business Best? On-Site vs Remote (Pros & Cons)

With technology and the need to stay connected to the world and each other such a vital part of any business, IT support plays an important role in keeping any company progressing and running smoothly.

When a computer goes down or email suddenly isn’t working, your business can be losing money until the problem is fixed, so every second counts.

Did you know? Downtime can cost small businesses up to $427 per minute.

According to Carbonite, downtime can cost small businesses big time, between $137 – $427 per minute. So, having the right type of IT support that gets you back up and running fast isn’t just convenient, it’s a business imperative.

Our 24/7 IT Support Team at Panic Button Tech understands that when technology goes down, you need it back up and running as quickly as possible. We offer a variety of support packages to meet any type of business need, including both remote and on-site support. We even offer emergency after hours response.

But how do you know which support type fits your company best? Is remote support faster or should you have someone come on-site?

Both types of tech support have their pros and cons and we’re going to go over those in this article, so you can get an idea which may work best for your business and budget.

On-site vs Remote IT Support | Pros & Cons

The main difference between these two types of technical support is that one is done in person (on-site) and the other is done via a remote connection to your computer (remote).

Of course, there will be certain issues that can only be handled in person, such as a piece of hardware being replaced, but for most IT support issues, either way can be used to diagnose and fix multiple problems.

At Panic Button Tech, we offer people the best of both worlds. We have affordable on-site and remote support options. Our goal is simply to be there when you need us for any IT needs!

Let’s take a look below at each type of support and its strengths and weaknesses.

On-Site IT Support

On-site IT support can be one that is scheduled to be on your premises regularly or one that comes in when you need them for urgent issues and regular IT maintenance tasks.

The Pros of On-Site IT Support Include:

  • Face-to-Face Interaction – Your staff has an opportunity to get to know your IT tech in person and it’s often easier to communicate complicated issues in person.
  • Learning Your Business – If your IT tech visits you regularly on-site, they can get a better feel for your business and workflow and it will be easier for them to make IT recommendations to fit your company.
  • Fixing Hardware Issues – If a hard drive or physical network connection needs repairing or replacing, this is something that can only be done in person.

The Cons of On-Site IT Support Include:

  • More Expensive – On-site support is more expensive since a technician has to physically travel to your office, so the extra time and travel costs are reflected in the price.
  • Takes Longer – You’ll have to wait for the technican to get there to diagnose and fix your issue. So how far you are away from them and technician availability will be factors in how long you have to wait for IT help.
  • Single Site Help – On-site support is typically done at your main office location for any one service call. So, if you have remote workers that all need help connecting to your new video conference software it would not be economical to have an IT tech visit all locations.

Remote IT Support

Remote IT support involves you or your staff downloading a connection software onto the computer that needs their assistance and the IT technician remotely logs in to “take control” of the computer.

The Pros of Remote IT Support Include:

  • Cost Savings – Because the technician doesn’t have to drive to your location, the cost you pay for remote support is quite a bit less than for on-site support.
  • Fast Service – No waiting for them to drive through traffic to reach you. A remote support tech can log into your computer in minutes to diagnose the problem.
  • Supports Business Mobility – If you have remote staff, an IT tech can log in remotely to any device. They can also help your team if you run across a computer issue while on the road at a trade show or working at home on the weekend.

The Cons of Remote IT Support Include:

  • Can’t Fix Everything – While remote IT support can fix a large number of common technology problems, it can’t fix things related to hardware or devices they cannot log into.
  • Need an Internet Connection – In order to log in, the tech needs to you to have an internet connection. So, if it’s your Wi-Fi or router that are down, they’ll have to come out in person.
  • Less Insight into Your Business – If your IT tech isn’t visiting at least once in a while, it can make it harder for them to have insight into your day-to-day operations in order to make IT recommendations.

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